Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are are big, bold, "in your face bees" that are scary. Homeowner typically see them near unfinished or weathered wood. They are not terribly aggressive, but they bore through wood, lay eggs and close it in a special cell complete with its own food supply - a combination of pollen and regurgitated nectar.

They create tunnels. One of these tunnels or galleries can contain up to 6 sealed cells and can be 6 inches long. Galleries used by multiple bees can extend up to 10 feet. Even if the larva inside the galleries is killed, the adults can come back later, even over winter, in these tunnels and it will be back to business the following spring.

What we recommend doing is not only killing the developing larva, but if possible wrapping the wood in aluminum flashing so that the carpenter bees can never use that wood again. It may cost a little more but it is a permanent solution that helps protect your biggest investment - your home.


Bumblebees are not aggressive, but can still sting. Male bumblebees cannot sting, only females can, but typically do it when threatened. They emerge in spring looking for empty animal nests to start their own new nest sites. The eat nectar and pollen and typically live near flowering gardens.


We also identify wasps and make treatment recommendations to exterminate them. Most commonly home owners find paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets in attics, under decks and porches and at the top of window frames.

Spotted a beehive or a wasp nest on your property? Give us a call - we can help by removing carpenter bees safely and effectively.

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