Black widow spiders are common in Maryland and they are poisonous. If you have a wood pile outdoors, wear long sleeves and gloves when you bring wood in - most people get bitten by black widow spiders when they handle wood and accidentally touch or squeeze the spider. Other hiding places include sheds, water meter boxes, flower piles and trash piles. Seek medical attention immediately if you think you or someone else has been bitten by a black widow spider.

Wolf spiders are averaging about two inches (with legs). They can be brown or black with velvet textured appearance. They live and hunt outside, but often enter homes. They are especially common in the wooded area or homes surrounded by a lot of vegetation. Maryland wolf spiders will typically come inside in the late fall when they know it's getting cold outside. Wolf spiders do not make web. Wolf spiders are mildly venomous, their bites usually cause mild itching, but in some cases server allergic reactions are possible. Seek medical attention if you suspect you or someone else was bitten by a wold spider.

Garden spiders can have a leg span of nearly 2.5 inches. They are quite beautiful, black and yellow in color. They spin their webs in a circle or an orb. They are most often spotted outdoors, and during the month of August. They can really scare the gardeners!

Brown recluse spiders are some the most poisonous spiders in Maryland. They are dark brown with long legs and are typically a little larger than a penny (with legs). If you suspect being bitten by a brown recluse, seek medical attention immediately.

Many spiders are viewed as beneficial when they capture insects but seen as pests when found inside the house. However, these eight legged, non-insect arthropods produce fear and revulsion, making them the most feared of all pests around the home.

If you have small children or elderly relatives in your home, you want to keep them away from poisonous spiders and regular spider control can be very helpful.

Our approach to spider exclusion and control involved using repellent spray that deters spiders from approaching or settling, removing outside piles and debris, and sealing all cracks and crevices that can be used by the spiders to enter homes.

We provide residential and commercial spiders treatment in the Greater Baltimore City & Baltimore County area including: Arbutus, Baltimore City, Butler, Catonsville, Cockeysville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Finksburg, Hamilton, Hampstead, Hartford, Hunt Valley, Jarrettsville, Lutherville, Mount Washington, Overlea, Owings Mills, Parkville, Perry Hall, Phoenix, Pikesville, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Rosedale, Ruxton, Sykesville, Towson, Timonium, Westminister, and Woodlawn