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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are big, bold, "in your face" bees that are quite scary. Carpenter bees are not terribly aggressive, but they bore through wood, lay eggs and close it in a special cell complete with its own food supply - a combination of pollen and regurgitated nectar.

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The two most common ant species encountered in Maryland are the odorous house ant sometimes referred to as the ” piss ant ” or “pussy ant ” and the carpenter ant. The house ant is far more common and usually shows up on kitchen counters where they forage for anything.

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Black Snake

Spring time is egg laying time for snakes. Eggs that are laid in the spring often hatch in the fall. Black snakes usually lay approximately 2 dozen oval shaped eggs in mulch and they often hatch in early October.

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stink bugs in the house, stink bugs extermination

Stink Bugs

Introduced into Eastern Pennsylvania in the mid 90's, stink bugs have spread to virtually every state and have left a path of ruined produce and confounded home owners...

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spiders in the house, spider extermination


Spring is a Termite Season. Annually termites do more damage to America's house then fire. Termites might eat the wood in your house but they live in underground colony's that may contain over 50,000 individuals.

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spiders in the house, spider extermination


Warmer temperature bring out large spiders feared by most people - wolf spiders and garden spiders. It's surprising how such large spiders can get into homes, but they don't require much opening to crawl inside.

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